Robinson Craft

Robinson is a box that plays Minecraft on its own,
depending on its environnement.
It behaves like a beacon that gathers datas such as humidity
and temperature that have a knock-on effect on the game.

The idea would be to find diverse interesting climates
(cold, warm, wet…?) and to leave Robinson there for a while.
The you can come back, pick it up, plug it to a screen and see
what happened! As the game is playing itself, the human is only
a witness of what is being created inside the box.

Robinson is part of the Botcaves workshop that took place at ECAL with Matthew Plummer-Fernandez
about the IIclouds research project.

© ECAL, PXP, Anne-Sophie Bazard, Jonas Lacôte

Der rotamanipulator

The user puts on the mask and the helmet. A second person takes the remote control connected to the headphones.

This remote control changes the vision of the person wearing the helmet. 

Thanks to its use, the whole vision of the person is disturbed, she does not know where she is going or where she really is in space.

Only the holder of the remote controls the view of his partner. Inside the mask is an Ipad. An Iphone is attached to the top of the helmet.

Ipad and Iphone are both connected together. 

The iPad shows what the iPhone sees. The remote control makes it possible to rotate the iphone 360 ​​° from left to right. 

Project by Heike Otten, Anne-Sophie Bazard and Bastien Gischig. Rotation Workshop with Cyril Diagne (music « Tomorrow » Lorn)