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« My success comes from failure… » Video : Tim TadderModel : Alena Savostikova « Mon succès vient de mes échecs.. » Réalisation de motion sur vidéo. Client : Nike. Logiciels : After effects

Wild cosmetics

Video for young skin cosmetics. Vidéo de vente de cosmétiques pour maintenir la peau jeune. Client EisenbergInstagram vidéo Logiciels : Photoshop & After effects & Premiere Pro

Enjoy cosmetics

Video for sale of cosmetics for the end of year celebrations. Création d’une vidéo pour vente de cosmétiques pour les fêtes de fin d’année. Client : EisenbergInstagram vidéo Logiciels : After Effects & Premiere Pro

Personal services

Personal services animated. Vidéo pour service du personnel. Clients ADMR Logiciels : Illustrator & After Effects Client AdmrCollab J.Ledieu The ADMR is an associative network of services to the person. Founded in 1945, it was born at the end of life, in four areas: autonomy, home comfort services, family and health.

Minecraft VS Robinson

Robinson is a box that plays Minecraft on its own, depending on its environnement. It behaves like a beacon that gathers datas such as humidity and temperature that have a knock-on effect on the game. The idea would be to find diverse interesting climates (cold, warm, wet…?) and to leave Robinson there for a while. …


We should be dancing

The couple does not work.Man thinks his partner became too complicated. He sees evil everywhere and thinks that dancing is the only remedy to get out of its chaotic relationship . Music We should be dancing – The Other Tribe remix Rise and FoolWith Heike Otten & Bastien Girschig. Logiciels : After Effects & Premiere …

Eat me

Eat me is a project made with traditional Chinese sticks and a GoPro camera that allowed us to film each plate we have been served. It was also a way to discover the gastronomic culture of China. Logiciels : After Effects & Premiere Pro