This project is an adaptation of an IPhone / IPad application,
type " Sound toy ".
This application is a sound game and graphics game.
The sound toy is made with two of my personal drawings,
one vertical orientation, the other horizontal.

The drawings:
The first drawing is a dragonfly carrying a dog in his wallet.
It is a myth anaphora from northern Europe, where the stork is responsible for providing the newborn young parents.
The second drawing is a big whale lying full length, looking proud.
This to refer to expressions and metaphors comparing human and animal behavior. The project work around the animal is based on the psychological relationship between man and animal. The other focus in this issue is on the many and varied textures of each animal species with which it is possible to work more minimals. The strange and curious aspect propels the viewer into a surreal dimension
when we active application.

The animation:
When the user operates one of the twelve grid boxes,
invisible to the naked eye,
an animation is triggered and changes drawing.
We discovers various animations.
Every boxes gives a sound that is triggered
when clicking on the animation.

The sound:
There are four different soundtracks in this application.
The first vertical view of this application is a library of sounds
from the movie Fight Club group "Dust Brothers". When the user makes a rotational movement of the Ipad in the opposite direction of clockwise, the horizontal pattern then is a new sound library
from the Virgin Suicides movie that propelled him anchored in the style of the "Air" group. If the user continues to rotate the Ipad to the left to return the upright, he discovers that the world is changing and the sound library is "Camille," which gives a more lyrical and entertaining atmosphere than before.
At the end, the IPad to rotate 180 plays a specific kind of oversampling, forming a set of musical game.

© ECAL, Anne-Sophie Bazard / 2012 .

The video:

Reward Ball is an is an application for IPhone
that is used with a connected wristlet.
Depending on the effort done and saved with this fitness tool,
the user contribute to the construction of a story of an environment.

The purpose is to award a physical effort
with a virtual gain to be able to play.

I intend to motivate the user to leave his screen
to accomplish task that will have a visible impact on his game.
I appreciate the ability to switch habits from the real world
and the digital one.

© ECAL, Anne-Sophie Bazard / 2015.
The picture:
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