Robinson is a box that plays Minecraft on its own,
depending on his environnement. It behaves like a beacon that gathers datas such as humidity and temperature that have a
knock-on effect on the game.
The idea would be to find diverse interesting climates
(cold, warm, wet...?) and to leave Robinson there for a while.
Then you can come back, pick it up, plug it to a screen
and see what happened!
As the game is playing itself, the human is only a witness of
what is being created inside the box.

Robinson is part of the Botcaves workshop that took place at ECAL with Matthew Plummer-Fernandez about the IIclouds research project.

© ECAL, PXP, Anne-Sophie Bazard, Jonas Lacôte / 2014.

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C H A I N - R E A C T I O N
Chain-reaction is an application that involves pairing five Ipads them,
and make continuity.
We decided to build an animated universe or each small element comes alive when touched.
Sometimes elements of a slide ipad to another
and sometimes they remain in place.
It's a bit of a journey of discovery in a jungle inhabited .

It is a workshop with Gael Hugo.

© ECAL, Anne-Sophie Bazard, Romain Cazier / 2014 .

Picture of the 5 Ipads lined up:

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Led is a project to explore and discover through the light.
We decided to build a miniature city polystyrene and
add virtual inhabitants through mapping.
Then we created that allowed a joystick to move in the city
and from house to house
to go to discover the animations in every window.

It is a workshop by Andreas Gysin.

© ECAL, Anne-Sophie Bazard, Bastien Girschig / 2014.

All the projects realised by the students:

D E R - R O T A M A N I P U L A T O R
Der Rotamanipulator is a result of the 'rotary club' workshop:
A home-made live oculus rift, using cardoard, magnifying glasses,
a tablet, a smartphone and skype...
The person holding the 'remote' can decide
where the other one is looking.

It was a workshop at ECAL with Cyril Diagne.

© ECAL, Anne-Sophie Bazard, Bastien Girschig and Heike Otten / 2013.

The video: